Dhaka Cantonment Girls' Public School & College
School Code : 1160 | College Code : 1114 | EIIN : 132090
Brig Gen Tamjidul Haque Chowdhury, ndc, afwc, psc


                           Chairman’s Message


Of being felt the necessity of inserting this message in our web page, I, as the new chairman, governing body of the institution, would say, this institution values the mankind first, respects the genuineness and made the students learn to face the hurdles and to become successful in life. I know the brilliant faculty members who are dedicated to their professionalism and commitment to be a part of the vibrant team of this Alma Mater.


This institution has a passionate focus on a values-based education that instills honesty, integrity, strong core of tenacity, self-respect, self-belief, compassion and mutual respect into all the students. Those treasures will embellish their capability to contribute beyond the institution into the wider community.


To attain this noble vision this institution maintain inclusive learning-teaching environment through intensive and effective care exerted to every individual student. Ostensibly, the academic results in recent years reflect its concerted endeavour to materialize her prodigious vision.


This institution is determined with its unprejudiced, altruistic, inexorable and voluntary approach to improve the professional competence and the development of women in and through our education programs. May Allah continue to bless us and our sacred vision and objective come into reality adorned in our heart and soul.



Brig Gen Tamjidul Haque Chowdhury, ndc, afwc, psc
Chairman, Governing Body
Dhaka Cantt Girls' Public School & College
Dhaka Cantonment.

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